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Steel Strapping is one of the most secure forms of load retainment, and is commonly used in the timber, scaffolding or fabrication industries. Azapak stocks a wide range of steel strapping  as well as tools & dispensers. 

Steel Strapping Options:

  • Ribbon Wound: Smaller coils, typically around 12-15kg per roll. Easy to carry around your site
  • Rope Wound: Large coils, around 45kg per roll. Must be loaded onto a rope wound dispenser. Very economical option.

Tooling Options:

  • Manual Tensioners and Crimpers: Lowest cost sealing option- does require seals to be used.
  • Combination Crimping Tools: Combined/tensioner &crimper in 1 tool. Does not require seals- tool actually crimps straps together

Seal Options:

  • Snap On Seals- most common seal, easiest to use
  • Pusher Seals- fully enclosed seal, offers higher break strain. Available in standard and H/D options