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Bags, Films & Tubing - Plastic packaging supplier

Bags, films, and tubing are essential for a range of packaging applications. At Azapak, we stock an extensive range of bags, films, and tubing to suit almost every need. We are your leading plastic packaging supplier providing warehouse and factories with with polythene bags (from tiny to huge), press seal bags, woven polypropylene bags, paper bags, carry bags, produce bags, carton liner bags and more!

We also offer a range of polythene films and shrink films to wrap to help protect your products and make packaging easy. As a bulk plastic packaging supplier Azapak carries a huge range of stock on hand so we can fulfil your order promptly.

For a wide range of packaging plastic products, shop at Azapak. Visit our online store, call the team at 1300 255 725 or email us at for any enquiries.

Wholesale plastic packaging

Wholesale bin bags

Buy bin bags in bulk with Azapak. Whether it’s liner bags for small kitchen and office bins or larger bin liners, we provide wholesale bin bags to suit your needs. Our range of bin liners are large enough to fill wheelie bins, so you can avoid a bad stench in your bin as it’s collected each week. By using a heat sealer, poly bags are ideal for smaller and a more inexpensive way to seal items, making them the perfect wholesale plastic packaging product,

Mattress bags

Protect your mattress with our plastic mattress bags for safely moving or even storing your mattress. These plastic packing bags are available in all sizes, and you’ll notice that there’s a lack of dirt, debris, or dust on your mattress. If you have dining chairs or lounge chairs you plan to move or store away, protect the material with our chair bags. While these plastic bags are made from unique extra-strength plastic, they are fully recyclable.  

Heavy duty heat shrink

Heat shrink film allows you to wrap even the most oddly shaped products due to its ability to conform to any shape. The strong material of the heat shrink means it can’t be torn open by hand, ensuring your goods are secure and reduce theft. Choose from our range of heat shrink bags, fold film, or tubing, and secure it together with heat shrink joining tape with a heat shrink gun for ease of use.

Pallet bags

Pallet bags are an essential item to keep  pallets clean and free from dirt and debris,  and provide  protection from moisture. These bags are perforated on a roll, making them quick and easy to use, and they are also food-grade safe, making them ideal for use in food processing areas. Whether you're looking to protect your pallets during transport or storage, or you need a food-safe option for your business, pallet bags are a great choice.

Plastic film

Plastic film is essential when it comes to wrapping timber, plasterboard, aluminium, or other long packs. If we don’t have the right size for your pack, we can manufacture a custom size. Our range of plastic film also includes light poly sheeting, an excellent low-cost option when it comes to safeguarding your products. Alternatively, you can choose our centre folded poly film in black or natural plastic to interleave, wrap or cover products.

Wholesale poly bags

Wholesale poly bags are a great way to save money on packaging costs. These bags are made from low-density polyethylene, which is highly durable and puncture resistant. Poly bags are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can choose the right size for your products. Additionally, these bags are heat-sealed and have a strong seal that keeps contents secure. Poly bags are an excellent option for packaging a variety of items, and they can help you save money on packaging costs.

Poly tubing roll

If you are looking for an easy way to wrap your products, consider using poly tubing rolls. Our bubble film tubing allows for a continuous roll of bubble film, making it easy to wrap long products. In addition, our lay-flat plastic tubing is ideal for protecting your products during shipping and storage. By using poly tubing rolls, you can save time and money while still ensuring that your products are well-protected.

Press seal bags

Press seal bags are ideal for packing small items. The seals keep out dust, dirt, and moisture. The material is strong enough to store bolts, blades, and other engineering parts. While being protective of your products, these plastic packing bags also allow you to see your products and maintain a neat presentation.

Bulk shopping bags

Brown kraft paper carry bags with a twisted paper handle are an environmentally safe option to plastic carry bags. The paper is biodegradable, durable, and sturdy. It's perfect for carrying groceries, books, or any other items. These bags are also lightweight and easy to store. For packing fresh produce or dry goods, light plastic bags on a roll are convenient and easy to dispense. The perforated design makes it easy to tear off a bag when needed. And, the bags are also eco-friendly and recyclable.

Choose Azapak

At Azapak, we understand the importance of reliable packing materials. Whether you’re shipping delicate items or simply need to protect your products in storage, we are the leading plastic packaging supplier you can rely on. We offer a wide selection of plastic packing products, including stretch film, pallet wrap, and bubble wrap. Our team is also happy to provide custom solutions for your unique needs. In addition to our high-quality packing products, we also offer competitive pricing and same-day dispatch. So, if you’re looking for a reliable supplier of packing materials, look no further than Azapak.

Your plastic packaging supplier

For bulk plastic packaging, woven polypropylene bags or more packaging supplies Brisbane, shop with Azapak. For more information or enquiries, call the team at 1300 255 725 or email us at

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