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These systems are designed to produce air pillows and air cushions to fill voids, brace products, and provide protection during transit. Ideal for busy warehouses and e-commerce businesses, our range of air pillow packaging machines can assist your business or distribution centre with fast, reliable, and economical void filling solutions. Explore our selection to find the perfect high-efficiency solution to securely wrap products and provide safe transportation for products within shipping boxes.

Air Pillow Packaging Machine

Azapak's Air Pillow Packaging Machine offers an economical and efficient solution for producing void fill air cushioning pillows, ideal for busy warehouses and e-commerce businesses. The machine is user-friendly, fast, and affordable, capable of producing up to 17 metres of pillows per minute. It features a variety of film options, requires no training, and offers up to 20 preset settings. Designed for industrial use, it has a robust construction with easily replaceable parts.

Air Pillow Film Types:

  • 200mm x 110mm (900m)
  • 200mm x 200mm (900m)
  • 400mm x 320mm (534m)
  • 200mm x 50mm (900m)
  • 400mm x 160mm (534m)

Fill-Air Rocket® Air Pillow System

The Fill-Air Rocket® Air Pillow System is the fastest and most reliable solution for producing air pillow cushions, making it perfect for high-volume warehouses and e-commerce distribution centres. It can produce air pillows at an impressive rate of 30 metres per minute. The system features a new and improved sealing design that is more reliable and requires less maintenance. The Fill-Air Rocket® Air Pillow also offers fast and easy film reloads and uses jumbo 1800-metre length rolls, reducing the need for frequent roll changes and minimising storage space for spare rolls.

Fill-Air Rocket® Film Types:

  • 200mm x 1800m; Perf 125mm
  • 200mm x 1800m; Perf 200mm
  • 200mm x 1280m; Perf 75mm

NewAir IB Express Inflatable Bubble Film

The NewAir IB Express inflatable cushioning system produces air cushion film on demand, making it ideal for high-volume packing lines. It creates high-impact resistant air cushioning for optimal protection, with film available in 400mm or 800mm widths in various profiles. The system operates at high speed, inflating up to 16.8 linear metres per minute. Additionally, an optional stand and film re-winder are available for enhanced convenience.

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