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Adhesive Tapes

When it comes to packaging and shipping products, tape and adhesives are an essential tool. That's why Azapak carries a wide range of adhesive tapes to suit a variety of projects and applications. Our experts can help you select the right item for your environment, so consider Azapak as your supplier today.

Interested in wholesale tape and adhesives? Browse our selection today and call us at 1300 255 725 or email the team for more info.

Wholesale Tape & Adhesive

Cloth Duct Tape

If you’re after premium quality Cloth Duct Tape, we offer wholesale selections that are lead-free, waterproof and allow you to seal air ducts or join plastic sheeting effectively.

Double Sided Tape

Our tape is designed with premium quality materials. An added bonus, they’re lead free – ensuring optimal safety when working with this tape regularly.  

Filament Strapping Tape

Made of a polypropylene backing with a hot melt rubber adhesive, this tape is used for heavy-duty carton sealing, unitising, and palletising. It also offers high tensile strength while boasting easy removal.

Glue Guns

Hot Melt Glue Guns are a handy tool to have in your warehouse or packaging environment, with their ability to be used on a variety of projects and applications.

Machine Packaging Tape

This specific range of tape has been carefully designed with an adhesive that bonds to almost any surface, including recycled cardboard and surfaces that have been sitting in cold rooms.

Wholesale Masking Tape

Manufactured to the highest standards, this masking tape withstands temperatures that exceed 60 degrees Celsius, is water repellent, and triples as an adhesive on rigid surfaces.

Speciality Tape

Our Specialty Tape is a great solution if you’re a company that often transports bags. This tape has a rubber solvent adhesive that allows you to secure a range of bag sizes from small to large.

Packaging Tape

Whether you require packaging tape for demanding applications like in freezer rooms or cost-effective tape, our packaging tape is right for the job.

Paper Tape

Our range of paper tape is environmentally friendly while also working as an effective adhesive. The two types of paper tapes available are self-adhesive and water adhesive.

Printed Message Tape

Our Printed Tape is printed on an orange surface for visibility and offers high tensile strength and resistance to splitting or tears.

Stationary Tape

For projects of all kinds, this is our more popular selection, from school crafts to warehouse needs – the glossy finish and strength makes it an all-purpose tape perfect for your inventory.

Surface Protection Tapes

Our Protection Tape is UV-safe up to three months and works as a perfect temporary adhesive without leaving a sticky residue – allowing you to paint or plaster your walls with no damage.

Wholesale Tape Dispensers

Our Extra Wide Dispenser Tape, and Retracting Blade Dispenser Tape are the perfect dispensers for industrial, commercial, and small businesses.

Make Azapak Your Tape Supplier

At Azapak, we understand that every business model is different – which is why we do our part to offer a wide selection of wholesale tape and adhesives that are suitable for all. In addition to our high-quality products, we offer same-day dispatch to locations right across the country, ensuring you get your materials and equipment efficiently.

Your Trusted Supplier of Adhesive Tapes

Buy tape, adhesives, and dispensers at Azapak, the Brisbane packaging supplies leader. With wholesale supplies on offer and same-day dispatch, efficiency is our priority. Find your preferred tape online and call us at 1300 255 725 or email for more.

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