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Pallet Packing Materials

At Azapak, we understand that every business has different packaging needs, that's why we stock a wide range of pallet packing materials ranging from stretch wraps, pallet wraps, and other pallet packaging supplies. Whether you're looking for high strength wraps for heavy loads or pallet protection, we have the perfect solution for you. If you're not sure which products are right for your needs, our team of packaging experts will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect match.

We also offer a wide range of pallet-wrapping machinery to help make your packaging process faster and more efficient. So whether you're looking for a stretch wrap or pallet covers, Azapak has everything you need to get the pallet packing done right.

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Wholesale stretch wrap

Compared to conventional cast film, stretch wrap rolls help lower wrapping costs and the use of plastic and comes in a range of thickness to suit your needs. Our range of wholesale stretch wraps allows for airflow throughout your pallet thanks to the breathing holes. Easily identifying your pallet with the colour tint makes this pallet packing materials ideal for industries. Our stretch wrap can wrap around pallets without puncturing at sharp corners.

Machine stretch wrap

Our UV-safe machine stretch wrap allows for a longer lifespan for products left outdoors. These stretch wraps are suited to machine usage and come in different colours. Our machine stretch wrap is made with unique resins to increase the strength of the wrap by using thinner films. This way, plastic wastage is at a low cost. It provides airflow throughout your pallet thanks to the breathing holes.

Stretch wrap dispenser

Our stretch wrap dispensers make it easier for you to secure your pallets and protect them from the elements. Our wrap dispensers will wrap your pallets tighter and makes the process more time efficient. They also help provide a consistent application of a stretch film. The stretch wrap dispenser is perfect for everyday use as it eliminates any unnecessary bending and strains on your back.

Bundling wrap

Our IMPAK bundling wrap is the ideal wrap for quickly bundling items together and protecting them from dust, dirt and scratches. By only providing our customers with superior-quality wraps, we can ensure your products will hold together firmly and safely thanks to our wrap’s strong elasticity. Unlike our clear bundling wrap, our black bundling wrap allows for extra strength thanks to the heavier gauge. Our bundling wrap also comes in a mini bundling wrap so you can use it by hand.

Pallet covers

Protect the top surface and outer packaging clean with pallet covers. Our range of pallet covers can be reused multiple times and come in either elastic or perforated rolls to use as top sheets. Our range of elastic covers makes pallet packing easy and keeps your pallet safe no matter the weather. To save them from the wet weather, choose our waterproof. Our elastic covers come in blue to meet any food processing area requirements.

Pallet protection

To increase your pallet load stability, choose Azapak’s cardboard angle board. Made from heavy-duty compressed cardboard, this angle board will protect, stabilise, and reinforce pallets to keep them from falling apart. Use this pallet protector inside cardboard cartons for better protection.

Plastic spiral wrap

Orbital wrapping film is a high-performance film with high-quality stretch properties. Perfect for packing pallets and constant use in industrial sectors as the material is high-puncture resistant. This wrapping film is suited for orbital wrapping machines. If you’re unsure if it’ll fit your machine, our team will guide you.

Pallet pads

Our cardboard pallet pads safely and securely separate the layers of your pallets. These pallet boards help keep nails, dirt, and any other contaminants from damaging the products on your pallet. By using pallet pads you can ensure your products are delivered to their destination safely.

Pallet liners

To securely separate layers of your pallets, use our cardboard pallet liners and cardboard pallet pads. These pallet liners allow packing pallets easier and more efficient for industrial and commercial worksites. Our cardboard pallet liner sheets protect your pallet-packed products from nails, dirt, and contamination.


Our pallet packing materials will safeguard your products during transport, choose Azapak’s wrapping materials. We are the leading packaging supplies Brisbane residents rely on.

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