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PET Strapping (Commonly called Polyester Strap) is a safe and environmentally friendly industrial grade strapping. Azapak stocks a wide range of PET Strapping for all applications, as well as a full range of Tools, Dispensers and Seals to suit. PET Strapping can be joined with 3 methods:

Battery Powered Strapping Tools Battery Powered Strapping Tools are the easiest & fastest  way of sealing PET Strap- the user can seal and tension strap with the press of a button. They are a significant initial investment, so typically used by larger strapping consumers. To read more on when to invest in these tools, read our blog here. 
Manual Strapping Tensioner & Crimper The most cost effective tooling option for sealing PET Strap. It involves using a tensioning tool to bring the strap to desired tension, then a crimping tool and seals to seal the load. You will also require PET Strapping Seals.
Manual Strapping Tensioning/Crimping Combo Tools The Combo Tool combines tensioner and crimper in one neat tool. It sits between the price point of a battery tool and manual tools, making it a great option for many warehouses. 
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