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The revolutionary new ZeroTape System is here!
We are pleased to announce the addition of the ZeroTape System to our core range of warehouse packaging supplies. Adhesive tape has been used to seal packages for almost a century. Now after 100 years there is finally a solution that promotes efficiency, comfort, usability and performance!

Say goodbye to aching wrists!
The ZeroTape dispenser features a radically new design that reduces wrist strain making light work of packing. The ergonomic design and ventilated rubber padded handle also improve user experience and comfort.

No more putting rolls on backwards
The ZeroTape System features a unique one-way roll core, meaning it is no longer possible to insert a roll of tape incorrectly! With the quickest roll change in the industry, you will reduce wasted time & frustration every time.

Longer rolls
The ZeroTape rolls of tape are 160m long. That’s more than double the length of traditional rolls of tape, cutting your roll changes in half!


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  • Date: 16-05-2017

    Loving the ZeroTape! Best improvement we've made to our warehouse in a long time! Easier to use, faster, we can get the job done quicker! Thanks Azapak
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