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The innovative new Grip Systems Film and dispenser

Date: 20-01-2020 Posted in New Product Releases

The smartest pallet wrapping system on the market!

We're excited to release an awesome new pallet wrapping film and dispenser from the UK. Called 'Grip Systems', this is the smartest pallet wrapping dispenser we've seen.

The unique dispenser allows users to wrap pallets with reduced strain on their back, and also reduces the risk of knuckle abrasion and friction burns. Overall, pallets are wrapped faster and more consistently.

Key Features:

• Lightweight Aluminium Dispenser: Weighing just 800g, the dispenser is ergonomic and easy to use
• Rapid Roll Changes: Allows user to install a new roll quickly and easily
• Moulded Base Plate: Allows user to effectively wrap the base of every pallet


Safer wrapping

Hand wrapping pallets is a major cause of workplace injury. The unique Grip Systems dispenser allows users to wrap pallets with reduced strain on their back. The dispenser also reduces risk of knuckle abrasion and friction burns.

Faster wrapping

Wrapping pallets by hand is a tiring and labour intensive process. The safer, easier method of applying hand wrap leads to an increase of user efficiency and productivity.

Consistent load retention

Inconsistent wrap application is an inherent problem with hand wrapping across the globe. Grip Systems allows users to wrap pallets correctly and consistently every time.


Super tough skid plate

The skid-plate lets you get low to grab those corners and doubles as a handy base meaning your dispenser is always ready for action.



Ready for action

We even have a Grip Systems Hook that you can fix to racking
systems or walls so you always know your Grip Dispenser is ready for action.



Download flyer

Download the Grip Systems flyer here.


Further info

Click here for more info on the Grip Systems range!


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