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How to keep my warehouse cool

Date: 18-12-2019 Posted in Product Education

Are your workers feeling the heat this Summer?

The Australian Summer is renowned for long, hot days. Heat fatigue is a real issue in Australian warehouses, due to the high temperatures and high humidity. 

Workers who are exposed to high temperatures without adequate ventilation can develop heatstroke and become dehydrated. This can lead to increased sick-days and costly downtime for your business.

By keeping your workers cool and hydrated in the warehouse, you can ensure your team will be operating at peak performance and the health risks will be minimised.

Azapak have 3 top tips to keep your team healthy and productive.

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Beat the heat!

Our range of Industrial Warehouse Fans are designed to operate in the most demanding environments, and circulate large volumes of air.  With various models available including wall mount options, your workers will be kept cool all day long.

Beat the sun!

Your workers can sustain permanent skin damage if not protected from the suns harmful UV rays.  Our best recommendations to combat the harsh sun are our lightweight Straw Hats and SPF50+ Suncreen.


Beat the thirst!

Dehydration can make your team lethargic, ineffective, and dangerous when operating machinery.

Whilst water is a great option, our THORZT Electrolyte Drinks contain all the vital ingredients to keep your energy and electrolytes up. Available in concentrate or handy sachet versions.



Further info

Contact our team for more info on keeping your warehouse in top form!


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