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A guide to Custom Printed Packaging Tape

Date: 31-10-2019 Posted in Product Education

Looking to improve the appearance of your packaging?

Custom Printed Packaging Tape is a smart and affordable way to brand your packaging.  Promote your business, brand or handling message with custom packaging tape printed to your requirements.

Custom printed tape can be printed with your company logo to help strengthen your brand and build loyal customers. All your orders and packaging will look colourful and appealing, resulting in instant recognition of your packages.

What tape widths are available?

  • 12mm
  • 18mm
  • 24mm
  • 36mm
  • 48mm
  • 72mm
  • 96mm

Types of printed packaging tape:


  • Standard quality tape
  • Cost efficient
  • Glossy finish with a quick tack adhesive


  • Premium quality heavy duty tape
  • Superior print quality
  • Quiet tape unwind




What are the print options?

Printing on white tape

You can print up to 3 colours on a white tape.

Printing on white tape helps the design appear bolder and more vibrant.

Printing on clear tape

Print up to 3 colours on clear tape. With a clear tape, your design will appear to be floating on top of the box.

Printing on coloured tape

Print up to 3 colours on coloured tape. The background will appear brighter and saturated. Standard tape colours are red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black.

Note: We recommend black print colour for best results on coloured tape.


Reverse printing

This simply means instead of printing the front part of the design, we print the background. You can reverse print up to 3 colours on a white or clear tape.

When you reverse print on white, the colours will appear vibrant and saturated.

With a reverse print on clear, the colour of the box will show through your design.



Further info

See our range of Custom Printed Packaging Tape here.


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