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Green insights from Azapak

Date: 31-10-2019 Posted in Product Education

 My product has the recycle symbol on it. Does this mean it is recyclable?

Many consumers confuse this symbol, thinking it means that the product is recyclable. This is not the case - that symbol is a RIC Code (Resin Identification Code) that simply identifies the plastic type. There is a new type of label code being rolled out called ARL Code, that will make it easier for consumers to understand how to best dispose of their plastic.

What are some things I can do to reduce my environmental impact?

Reduce your environmental impact by following the waste hierarchy:

  • Reduce: Redesign your packaging and process to reduce the resource required. This may include reducing film thickness, reducing amount of packaging used, or minimising protection layers.
  • Reuse: Could the product be reused by your customer? An example is supplying product in unbranded boxes that are strong enough to be reused by their recipient.
  • Recycle: Are you using a recyclable product? Many products can now be swapped out with more environmentally friendly options that can be recycled. Talk to us about your options.

Can I recycle soft plastics such as used pallet wrap?

Whilst technically you can recycle soft plastics, unfortunately Australia does not currently have the infrastructure to recycle this product, so it needs to be added to your general waste bin. There is a programme called “RedCycle” which does recycle a small amount of plastics through their disposal bins at Coles & Woolworths supermarkets, however these are only small bins and not setup to take large quantities of product.

If a product is ‘green’, does this make it environmentally friendly?

We would suggest you exercise caution when it comes to products that claim to be degradable. These typically contain a heavy metal additive which cause the plastic to disintegrate into harmful microplastics rather than break down completely. Products containing these additives are also unable to be recycled, making them even worse for the environment. For specialist advice on your options in this space, please contact our team.

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