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What is Hexcelwrap?

Date: 31-10-2019 Posted in Product Education


What is Hexcelwrap?

Known as the eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, Hexcelwrap is a perforated kraft paper that stretches into a honeycomb-like structure as it is wound off the dispenser. As items are wrapped, the unique honeycomb pattern locks the paper together, eliminating the need for packaging tape. The paper is flat and only expands as it goes through the dispenser - taking up 80% less space than bubble wrap. Hexcelwrap is best suited to smaller objects, and can be used for shipping electronics, giftware, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and other items as a replacement for bubble wrap.

What are the top features?

  • Made from sustainably sourced paper
  • Reduces your environmental impact
  • Proven to lead to 25-50% faster packing
  • Frees up storage space
  • Reduces freight costs


Further info

See our range of Hexcelwrap here.




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