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Which Strapping is right for me?

Date: 18-10-2019 Posted in Product Education

Types of Strapping

There are  many different types of strapping for many applications. There is no single type of strapping or strapping system, that is right for every situation- each one has its purpose and is suited for specific applications. 

When considering which strapping to use, you should consider the following:

  • What break strain is required? It is important to use a strap that has sufficient strength for your application.
  • How many strap joins are likely to be done per day? It is important to get the right tool that will perform efficiently. It may be worth investing a little more in your tooling upfront, and reaping the rewards of time saved on every strap join. 

The specialists at Azapak can help you to recommend the right strapping for your application. Following is an overview of the types of strapping available. 


PET Strapping

Polyester Strapping (commonly known as PET Strapping) is a strong plastic strapping. It is often used as an alternative to steel strapping as it is cheaper, safer and easier to use.

  • Is approximately 50% the cost of steel strapping per metre (at time of writing!)
  • Typically used for applications where a heavy duty strap is required e.g. pallet strapping, timber packs, strapping of machinery, large loads etc
  • Product is made from recycled material, and is fully recyclable so is a environmentally friendly option

Battery Strapping Tool

The most common method of joining PET Strapping is with a Battery Strapping Tool. These tools are a significant investment, but are a no-brainer for large users as they will pay off in efficiency savings, consistency of seal, and ease of use. 

Combination Tool

The next step down from a battery strapping tool is a Combination tool. This tool is basically a tensioner and crimper merged into one. It still uses a serrated PET seal.

Manual Strapping Tools

PET can be sealed using a tensioner and crimper. Both tools are required. The tensioner is used to ratchet the strapping to the required tension, then a serrated seal is applied and crimped closed. This method is reasonably labour intensive and a little difficult due to the rigid nature of PET strapping, but it is the most cost effective option as an initial outlay. 

PP (PolyPropylene) Strapping


PP Strapping is a very common form of strapping and is ideal for more light duty applications.
  • Typically used for bundling of packages such as cartons, bundles & parcels. Also can be used for stabilising pallet loads of lightweight products
  • It is reasonably light duty, with a break strain of 130kg (12mm), 150kg (15mm) 180kg (19mm), 400kg (19mm HD)
  • Available in handy dispenser boxes. Also available in jumbo rolls for using on Automatic Strapping Machines

Poly Buckles

Poly Buckles are ideal for light duty, low cost joining of 12 and 15mm width straps

Wire Buckles

Wire Buckles are heavier duty than the plastic buckles and can be used for 12,15 or 19mm straps

Metal Seals

Metal Seals are the most secure way of securing PP Strap. They are available in 12, 15 and 19mm straps. Requires a separate sealing tool to close the seal. 

PP Strapping Machine

An Auto Strapping Machine is a great investment for large users of PP strapping. It tensions, welds and cuts the strap in a fast and efficient method making it ideal for those strapping a large quantity of boxes or bundles.



 Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping is a traditional strapping method, typically used for heavy duty applications such as timber packs, heavy pallets, bundles, pipes and engineering.

  • Is being phased out of many workplaces due to it being unsafe
  • Is sold in individual rolls, or in full skid quantities
  • Has almost nil elongation properties (stretch). This means that if the load shifts, the strap is liable to come loose

Manual Tools:

Crimping and tensioning tool

Combination Tool

"All in one" tool that will tension and crimps strapping together. No seals are required. 

Pneumatic Combination tool

As per the combination tool, but is air powered for fast action. Is also used for crimping large width straps (e.g. 25-32mm).

 Henden Strapping

Henden strapping is a Plastic & Polyester Strap designed to be a safer, stronger alternative to steel strapping.

  • 4% elasticity, so will remain tight on loads over distances, even with load shift
  • Exceptionally strong- stronger than steel strapping or PET strapping of equivalent width
  • Contains longitudinal polyester wires that give it insane strength. Due to this design the strap will retain strength, even if ‘nicked’ in transit by a knife, fork tyne etc. This is in contrast to steel strapping, which will tear under pressure if nicked or cut.
  • Low tooling costs- ideal for situations where there are multiple tool setups required (it is a buckle system- only uses one tensioning tool, no crimper)
  • Only used with manual tools- so not ideal for situations of high volume of strap joins

Tensioning Tool:

Uses 1 tool, a manual ratchet tensioner.


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