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You won't use Recycled Rags after reading this!

Date: 18-10-2019 Posted in Product Education

A better alternative to recycled rags.

Recycled rags are commonly used in many manufacturing environments. They are used for cleaning, wiping up spills, wiping hands and even for packaging product protection. Whilst Recycled Rags are a handy thing to have on your worksite, if you’ve used them in the workplace you’ll know they have some downsides:

  • Inconsistent quality
  • Messy to dispense
  • Unhygienic

Our new product, “Tork Industrial Cloths” are a new and improved alternative that can offer you some great advantages and cost savings. Tork Cloths are a manufactured cloth, that is made from a super absorbent fabric material. Each wiper is identical size and consistency, and they can be dispensed from a variety of dispensers and packs to suit your application. 



How do Tork cloths compare?


Poor Quality:

Recycled rags are inconsistent in quality. Some are more absorbent than others, some contain buttons & zips, and they are differing sizes. This inconsistency leads to a lot of recycled rags being disposed of without being used.

Consistent Quality:

Each wiper is a consistent quality. There is a range of grades to choose from, so you can choose a type that suits your application. 



Recycled Rags are typically packed into a plastic bag, which is torn open and rags pulled out as required. This is messy and unhygienic.

Neat Dispensing Systems:

Choose from either wall mounted dispensers, or cardboard dispenser boxes. These dispense 1 rag at a time which reduces wastage. 

Dispensers can be neatly positioned around the worksite for quick/easy access.


Recycled Rags are not hygienic when being used in sensitive environments such as food production, pharmaceutical or healthcare.



Tork Wipers are produced from Virgin material in a HACCP approved environment. They are cleanly packaged and dispensed in a hygienic dispenser.


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