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Benefits of a Pallet Wrapping Robot

Date: 18-10-2019 Posted in Product Education

Have you considered a mobile stretch wrapping robot? 

In the right situation mobile pallet wrappers are an excellent investment. They can offer wrapping machine solution in situations where a conventional machine is not viable, and in doing so offer greater productivity, lower labour costs and most importantly greater safety for workers.

How do they work?

The user stands behind the unit and drives it to the desired location, parking it alongside the pallet to be wrapped. The user simply presses a button and walks away, and the unit will wrap the pallet automatically and stop once complete.

 Ideal situations for a mobile pallet wrapper

  • Sites that have pallets being wrapped in multiple locations- e.g. despatch & incoming goods areas
  • Wrapping pallets/crates that are oversized and too big for a conventional rotating pallet wrapper
  • Situations where there is not enough space for a conventional wrapping machine, in these cases you may wrap products in a driveway or hardstand using your mobile pallet wrapper.

 Common FAQs

  • What is the budget of these machines?
    • The machines start at around $9,000 + GST and go up to $20,000 +GST depending on the model and features required.
  • Do we offer hire machines?
    • Absolutely! Hire machines are a great option if you’d rather keep your capital costs down. Hiring a machine is also a great way of testing to see if this is the right machine for you, before you invest in purchasing a machine
  • What is the area required to use the machine?
    • You need to allow a clearance area 1.5m wide around the edge of your pallets for the robot to operate
  • Is the machine safe? What happens if the robot hits something e.g. a person, pallet racking, wall etc? 
    • Yes, we have proved the machine very safe. The robot contains sensitive sensors that will detect if the machine touches anything and will instantly stop. The operator will need to press a button to make the machine continue its cycle. 
  • Are the machines difficult to use?
    • No- they are quite user friendly. You simply park the machine beside your pallet, press the button and walk away. The machine will fully complete the cycle automatically.
  • What height can the machine wrap up to?
    • The machine has a mast height of 2400mm and can wrap pallets up to 2.1m effectively.
  • Can I see a demo machine?
    • Sure- we have a demo machine at our Brisbane showroom. Just give us a call to arrange a demo today.

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