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The safer stronger alternative to Steel Strapping

Date: 18-09-2019 Posted in Product Education

Did you know that steel strapping is a major contributor to workplace injuries in the manufacturing and distribution industries?

If you are using steel strapping in your workplace, chances are you’ve experienced this first hand (if you haven’t yet you are very lucky!)

Many companies have continued to use steel strapping as they are not convinced of a viable option. Good news - that option is now available in Henden SafeStrap!

The benefits of Henden SafeStrap:

Remove risk of cuts

The edges of the steel strapping can be very sharp, and this has been known to cause horrific cut injuries to arms, hands and legs, and even eye injuries. In contrast Henden SafeStrap is a soft plastic product that is easy and safe to use.

Better load containment

If you have ever received a consignment that has travelled any significant distance and is secured with steel strap, you will notice that it is very common for the steel strap to be literally loose. This is because steel strap has no stretch properties, so any movement/settlement in the load during transit will cause it to become loose. In contrast, Henden SafeStrap has a 4% elasticity so it will remain tight and ensure your load is kept safe and secure.

Ability to re-tension

One major benefit to Henden SafeStrap is that the item can be retightened after applying. This is very beneficial for loads that are unstable e.g. excavator buckets. In these cases, it’s common to strap one end of the bucket, but then when you strap the other end, you realise that the 1st strap has been made loose. With steel strap, you have no option but to cut the strap off and reapply a new strap, wasting time and money. With the Henden SafeStrap, simply reapply the tensioning tool and tighten the strap as required.

Less likely to break

If steel strapping is bumped or nicked in transit, (e.g. by a fork tine), it is Likely to tear and ‘spring’ open, which is extremely dangerous for anyone close by. Henden SafeStrap is made with longitudinal polyester cables which means that it is very unlikely to ever ‘tear’ through. Even if it was cut, the soft plastic nature of it means it is extremely unlikely to cause any injury.



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