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5 ways to reduce your pallet wrapping cost

Date: 18-09-2019 Posted in Product Education

Do you have a pallet wrapping machine? Here are 5 great ways to reduce your wrapping costs.

1. Downgauge your film

With technology advancements, films are being made much thinner than in years gone by. Switching to a new thinner grade film like our Innovare Machine Wrap can reduce your pallet wrapping costs by over 30% in one simple move. Talk to us today about your options.

2. Increase your tension

Increasing the tension on your machine can have a massive effect on your wrapping costs. We find many machines are not set to the right tension settings, leading to excessive film usage and wasted money. If your machine has limited ability to tension film, it may even be worth investing in a new machine, as it may pay itself off in a short space of time. Azapak can give specialist advice on this matter to help you with your options.

3. Reduce rotations

Is your machine doing excessive rotations around the pallet? You may be able to back this off without compromising your load containment. This is particularly relevant if you are wrapping pallets that are just being stored in your racks, not transported. This is another reasonably quick fix that can have a big impact on reducing your wrapping costs.

4. Buy in larger quantities

Buying your pallet wrapping rolls in larger quantities is another quick way of reducing costs. Like most suppliers, Azapak offers great discounts if you order in bulk. For larger users, we can even supply a full shipping container load of film directly delivered to your site, which will reduce your cost significantly.

5. Buy from the right company!

Is your current supplier able to offer you the best rates? Many packaging companies are simply buying off other wholesalers, which means you may not be getting the best deal. Buying from a direct manufacturer like Azapak will ensure you are paying competitive prices and keeping your wrapping costs down.


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