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Finally: A viable alternative to Polystyrene Boxes

Finally: A viable alternative to Polystyrene Boxes

Polystyrene Boxes have long been used for transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products due to their excellent insulation and cushioning properties. However, while polystyrene boxes have these benefits, they also have some inherent challenges. The rapid rise of home delivered meals has led to an increased need for temperature controlled boxes, and we are often asked - what are my options?

Welcome TempGuard - a new product by Sealed Air that presents the ideal alternative to Polystyrene Boxes. TempGuard is a padded Kraft Paper Liner that is added to a conventional cardboard carton to effectively transform it into a temperature controlled container. It provides excellent thermal insulation. 

TempGuard Image.jpg







PolyStyrene boxes are terrible for the environment. Whilst technically it can be recycled, the bulky nature of it makes the recycling not commercially viable, so very little of it actually ends up in the recycling process.

Styrofoam boxes are not collapsible and are very bulky leading to significant transport and storage costs. The bulky nature of them also limits the amount of stock able to be held on hand by the user, leading to a need for a supplier with extremely reliable JIT delivery solutions. If these suppliers have stock or delivery issues, it causes massive knock-on effects to your business.

Polystyrene has receive a lot of negative media in recent years, and the use of the polystyrene cartons presents a poor marketing message to your clients. It is difficult to add any branding to EPS boxes, so the actual image of the box is not great for your company brand.


The TempGuard items are made of completely recyclable material, and are able to simply be placed in the consumers recycle bin.

Due to the fact that the Tempguard pads are stored flat, they take up very little room compared to EPS boxes. Save freight, save storage, and have the ability to hold more stock on hand to remove risk of stock shortages.

TempGuard presents a wonderful message to your clients that you are doing your bit for the environment. It also allows you to very simply brand your external cardboard carton with promotional info, company info and more.



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