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Masonry Production

Azapak has a lot of experience in assisting the Masonry Production industries with smarter packaging solutions that are faster, easier and more cost effective.

How Azapak can assist

Common challenges How Azapak can help
Production bottlenecks caused by inefficient packaging products and processes - particularly in relation to wrapping of pallets. Provide assistance with improved pallet wrapping machinery that offers more efficient packaging.

Pallet wrap ‘breaking down’ in sunlight, leading to pallets needing re-wrapping, and/or product damages due to wrap that has lost its containment integrity.

Provision of UV protected wrapping materials that stand up to the Australian sunlight.
Supplier stock shortages, late deliveries or backorders causing production delays. Guaranteed stock holdings and rapid, reliable deliveries that arrive in full on time.
Time wasted ordering consumables from multiple suppliers. Supplying full range of consumables to allow companies to consolidate their ordering.

Common products

Machine Wrap


Pallet Pads


Thermal Labels


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