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The Ultipack System is a innovation machine that creates and inserts a corrugated cardboad 'wedge' into your package, on top of your other goods, to remove the need for void fill. It is designed to work as an additional in-line component with other Automated Packing Systems.

- Savings on Operations - Tray forming, wedging, and lidding process is automated and high throughput. Picking is more productive in trays than in RSCs.
- Savings on Materials - The wedge cost is half that of traditional void fill material. For most box sizes, the tray and lid package costs less than a RSC. Ultipack® materials can be sourced from local suppliers
- Savings on Reduced Return Ratio - The Ultipack® wedge increases box strength adding product protection. The glued pack is securely sealed and tamper-evident. The protection is consistent and efficient regardless of the production speed, whatever the box filling rate or product mix.
- Good Environmental Profile - The 100% corrugated package is “curb-side” recyclable
- Impressive Package - The finished appearance of the package enhances brand image
- Unique Packaging Possibilities - The three pieces of the packagec an be printed differently
- Easy to Open - The built-in tear strip makes opening an easy pull.

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Carton Erector Sealed Air Ultipack
Carton Erector Sealed Air Ultipack
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