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The OR600 is the perfect mobile pallet wrapping solution to wrap pallets of any size, anywhere.
Engineered with the latest technology, the OR600 combines quality, speed and efficiency in a fully mobile unit. In contrast to turntable style machines, the Robotic Pallet Wrapper moves around the pallet, so it is ideal for wrapping large or irregular shaped pallets that wouldn’t fit on a standard turntable machine.

Mobile Application:
An automatic mobile pallet wrapper that can easily be moved around your warehouse to the pallet location, making it ideal for locations with multiple wrapping areas. Wrap any size load with no weight restrictions, including irregular shaped loads.

Wrap your pallets in three easy steps:
1) Wheel machine up to your pallet
2) Attach film
3) Press start

Fully Mobile
• Easily move to wrap your pallets wherever they are
• Ideal for wrapping pallets on container unpack
• No limit to the size of pallets wrapped (unlike turntable style Pallet Wrappers)
• Easy to store – takes up less room than a standard pallet wrapper

• Full adjustable controls to ensure the perfect wrap every time
• Power pre-stretch head for up to 300% stretch, greatly reducing film costs
• Inbuilt Memory with up to 10 pre-saved wrap settings
• Super simple, user-friendly control panel

Machine Features
• Heavy duty construction for long term reliability
• Photocell eye for automatic height detection
• Soft-start to ensure products don’t dislodge
• Heavy-duty industrial chain driven turntable

Technical Data
• Max Wrapping Height: 2400mm
• Max Pallet Size: no maximum
• Min Pallet Size: 600 x 600mm
• Power Supply: Battery Powered. Plug into 240v, single phase point to charge

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Stretch Wrapper Orbitwrap OR-600MW 2.4m
Stretch Wrapper Orbitwrap OR-600MW 2.4m
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